[HBP Independent Project] Share House is Complete!! (Partly) Residents Moving In!


The construction and DIY work that we’ve been carrying out since this November is finally reaching its completion! The shared space and private rooms have already been completed. (A few private rooms is still under construction.Please wait for little more. )

We did most of the finishing touches like painting, finishes, and tiling on our own, we have been working through nights and days. Finally, it’s taking shape, and our staff are all very excited.We also felt very appreciated for the mastery of construction workers.

And finally, starting this week, we’re welcoming our first residents! Two residents will be moving in at first.

(Actually, we were working on the construction until the last minute to make things ready for them…)

We are planning to welcome more residents in the near future, but for now, we’ve reached a first milestone for this share house.

We’ll be planning an opening party soon, so we’ll post its photos.


We’re still looking for new residents!

There are two rooms left, so if you are interested, please contact us.


This is the completed dining room and kitchen.

There’s a big table for everyone to gather, with chairs that we found while searching through antique shops.


This is the second floor hallway and washroom.

These were redesigned while using elements of the original building to their best effect.


Here’s one of the bedrooms! One room has a tile detail in the floor.

Each room can also be customized by residents in DIY fashion!

This is a snap with our first two residents who moved in this week!

They’re both wonderful people, and we’re excited to see what kind of community this share house becomes.


We’d like to support the house to become a really fun place to live!



How did we decide to start a share house?


In Fall of 2016, we started working on the Nagato Yumoto Onsen Tourism and Community Development Plan, so we have been visiting the town of Yumoto often.

It has been about three years. We rented a place in Yumoto, and as we spent more time in this town, and talked to many local people throughout the process of our work, we felt we wanted to get more deeply involved in this town over the long term. We decided to start our own business in Yumoto.

When we thought about what we wanted to do and what was needed in the community, we decided on a share house for people to live and work in Yumoto.

Beyond providing a good experience to visitors, we feel it is very important for people who work and live in Yumoto to enjoy a rich everyday life here.

We are also planning a brewery and restaurant in a separate building.

We’re envisioning a residence for interesting people who work in Yumoto, and a place for local people and visitors to gather.

By connecting those two things, we hope to create a wonderful place for people to live.


We are looking for people who…

Would you like to live with people working in Yumoto and people in a similar generation, with an easygoing space to spend time with others?


Private Space with Your Style / DIY

Within each private room, there is a space that we have left open for you to customize. You could put up shelves, wallpaper, and other materials to customize the space in your own style.


Fully Outfitted Semi-Private Shared Spaces

There is a shared Living Room, Dining, and Kitchen area that faces two interior courtyards which you can use freely. The share house has complete facilities including a spacious kitchen, large washing machine, shower booth and bath tub, and more. Heartbeat Plan will manage cleaning of shared spaces and rules for use.


An Onsen Town with Plenty to Enjoy

The share house is located in Nagato Yumoto Town, which is currently under transformation. Within this year, a new outdoor bathing facility “Onto” will open, and you can use the “Drop-In River Terrace” area to catch up on some work or have a drink and a bite to eat. Many shops are under renovation to open soon, so there will be great opportunities to enjoy the surrounding town.



Let’s look at the house!



Private Area

Rent (planned) *including ¥15,000 management fee (Electricity, water, gas, and wifi included)


Location: Nagato Yumoto Onsen central city area/a ten minute walk from the Nagato Yumoto Station.

Number of rooms: 7 Total

Open for Move In: December 2019



A little background on the process to create the share house

The share house building was originally a drug store, an elegant building full of old materials, history, and traces of the past.

We thought this building was lovely, and so began the share house project!

We had a great first meeting with the building owner.


From there, we started designing in earnest.

First, we had to organize go through all the items stored in the house!!

So, we rented a 2 ton truck and did some work, work, work!

Once things were pretty well cleaned up, we began design meetings.

We all shared opinions, and thought about what would create a comfortable share house.

The lead planner was Mr. Tajiri of Saisei Kousha, and lead designer was Ms. Fukunaga of Hachifuku.

Once the design was fairly settled, it was time to do some demo.

We did as much of this as we could on our own, too!


Once the needed demolition was complete, we invited people in the neighborhood to take a tour of the space.

Everyone was fascinated.

And then, finally, construction!

First, we did complete earthquake reinforcement of the structure.




After this, from October to November, we’ll be working DIY to make the place ready for move-in starting in December!



Scenes around the share house (2019.12)


Public bath under construction,Very cool!        Bamboo forest stairs and souvenir shop


Jizo on the mountain road              Hoshino Resort’s 『Kai Nagato』


Stairs of autumn leaves at night           A cafe where you can enjoy the works of pottery artists


Regeneration of Nagato Yumoto Onsen project



We’re still looking for residents! If you’re interested, please feel free to contact us.

We are sure there are wonderful experiences awaiting you in Yumoto!



■■■■■■■■■■■■ Please feel free to contact us! ■■■■■■■■■■■■

Location: Nagato Yumoto Onsen central city area,

a ten minute walk from the Nagato Yumoto Station.

Number of rooms: 7 Total (two rooms left)

Open for Move In: December 2019


Questions/ Contact:

EMAIL: info@hbplan.jp

TEL: 06-6358-0795

(Heartbeat Plan Ltd. Directors: Ariga and Kikuhara)




2019年6月15日発売!『プレイスメイキング: アクティビティ・ファーストの都市デザイン』不自由な公共空間を、誰もが自由に使いこなせる居場所に変えるプレイスメイキングについて書いています◎

『プレイスメイキング: アクティビティ・ファーストの都市デザイン』(著:園田聡)